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Thanksgiving Tips!

19 Nov

Annual Tips for our friends & family

Whether this is your first Thanksgiving, you’re preparing Thanksgiving for a gluten free friend or family member, or whether you’ve been eating gluten-free for a long time, below are some helpful tips to get you through the holiday, happy and healthy.

Gluten-Free Thanksgiving Tips (general)

(1) Make sure that you always have something to eat (protein, starch, veggies, fruits, snacks, ect…)

(2) Don’t be afraid to help prepare the food you are eating (to ensure its safeness)

(3) Make sure your turkey is gluten-free and that it hasn’t been basted in a gluten containing sauce

(4) Don’t let anyone flour your turkey (this is sometimes done to increase the crispiness of the meat)

(5) Stuffing can be made with gluten free bread or cornbread, rice or potatoes. I like to add veggies, herbs and a little bit of chicken broth (I haven’t found a gluten-free turkey broth option that I like).

(6) Use a prepared liquid or powdered gravy or make it from scratch. Learn how to make gravy from scratch at:

(7) If you haven’t perfected your gluten-free dinner roll recipe, Thanksgiving is not the day to do this. Preparing rolls from scratch takes work and is not a skill learned over night. Easy options include: frozen cheese rolls, dinner roll flour mixes, sourdough rolls (frozen dough balls or prepared), garlic toast (served with italian spices and garlic).

(8) Desserts can be bought prepared (some come in individual size portions) or in easy to make kits. Pie crust mixes and prepared pie crusts are good starters, but it’s okay to go away from the traditional (especially if you are new to gluten-free cooking). Other dessert options include: cookies, cupcakes, brownies, carrot cake, banana bread and pumpkin bread.

(9) Offer to make gluten free versions of your favorite dishes.  If your host declines your offer, make small portions of your favorite dishes anyway and throw them in a lunch box and pack the lunch box on ice.  Throw the lunch box in a car, backpack, bag or in the fridge.  Think of it as a emergency back-up kit.  You may need it and you may not, but better safe than sorry.

(10) Bring staple ingredients (mustard, gravy, dressing, cranberry sauce, applesauce, olive oil, fresh herbs, ect…).  As a side note, at holiday dinners, applesauce may contain butter or brown sugar.

(11) BYOB Bring your own bread and dessert option.  Talk to your host ahead of time if you want to try to match up your replacement bread and dessert with the items being served for dinner.

Tips for Keeping Thanksgiving Dinner Gluten-Free:

(1) Use a gluten-free kitchen or dedicate an area to preparing gluten-free products and if possible, make gluten-free dishes first (flour dust can sit in the air for approximately 24 to 48 hours)

(2) Use separate utensils for gluten-free dishes

(3) Avoid using cast iron skillets and wooden surfaces or utensils that have been used for cooking products that contain gluten

(4) Make sure that gluten-free hand soaps and lotions are used while preparing foods.

(5) Don’t be afraid to serve yourself first.  This helps to prevent cross contamination, which often happens when serving spoons shuffle around on the buffet table.

(6) Lastly, don’t be afraid to say no to foods that are unfamiliar.  Your body will love you for it later.

For extra tips, check out the Gluten Free Goddess’s kitchen’s gluten free diet cheat sheet here:

Wishing you and yours a fabulous, health filled weekend of Thankfulness!

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!


New Grains

18 Nov

Tim & Nicole have been baking sourdough, honey wholegrain, white and dinner rolls for 4 Thanksgiving seasons.

We have ordered a limited supply, so be sure to pre-order or grab yours as soon as possible. Order should arrive by Friday evening.


Sourdough loaf – $9.99
Dinner rolls – 6 Packs – $9.99
Pizza crusts – $9.99
Multigrain Honey Bread – $9.99
White Bread – $9.99
Tortillas – $7.49 (great for after TG leftovers)
Croutons – $9.99
Special Orders Available:
Egg free Box of sugar cookies (boxes)
Egg free white or whole grain bread



Mariposa Bakery

17 Nov
Mariposa Bakery has been providing goodies to our customers for the past 7 years, this will be their 8th Thanksgiving with us. Some of our customers favorites are
Cinnamon Rolls
Lemon Bars
Almond Biscotti
Dinner Rolls
Foccacia Rolls
Bread Stuffing Cubes
Sandwich Bread
Special orders can be made before Thursday 11/19 – for Thanksgiving Delivery
Most items are corn free.

Zest Bakery

17 Nov
Zest Bakery will be delivered Thanksgiving week. Patrick & Cynthia opened their bakery back in 2010 and this year will be our 6th year providing their pies, quiche, dinner rolls, croutons, stuffing, cinnamon rolls & muffins to the Sacramento Region! Limited Supply!!!
Pie Crust Dough Ball – $7.99
Pie Crust Pressed – $9.99
Pumpkin Pie 9 1/2″ : $32.99
Bourbon Pecan Pie 9 1/2″ : $32.99
Apple Pie 9 1/2″ : $35.99
Dinner Rolls (4 pack) : $7.99
Other Special Order Items:
Croutons Herbed – $7.99
Stuffing Mix – $9.99
All Purpose Flour – $11.99
Other items by request: cinnamon rolls & pumpkin chai muffins
Zest is a family owned company in San Carlos that strives to offer healthy wholegrain, delicious gluten free goodies baked fresh daily. More info on the bakery here:

We’re Moving Stay Connected

25 Oct

Gluten Free Specialty is Moving

–> Are You Connected?

Scroll down to make sure your connected with us online.

Our last day at
26th & J Street
is this Tuesday 10/27.

Not able to make it by then… don’t worry, we will be offering a delivery and grocery drop off service all winter with specialty holiday items available.


Stay tuned for our Special Delivery Thanksgiving Catalog available in November at:

Be a part of the community that serves you:
Please feel free to share your ideas with us so we can feature them in our upcoming e-letters.


Today at 4pm:

Our friend Matthew Tartoria is hosting a Pop Up on the Farm

Sunday November 8th:

Our 1st Pop Up Brunch with surprise local guests

Kiva offers a 0% interest loan for businesses in transition. Thanks for considering supporting our next adventure. We need 7 more supporters to launch into public funding.

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Our Store Location & Information:
Gluten Free Specialty Grocery
2612 J Street #1
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Twitter: @gfspecialty @rootsckitchen
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Summer Update

31 Jul

Happy Summer Everyone!

Hope you are having magnificent adventures (we’ve seen a few postcards *hint hint*)?

As you know —>

From February 2015 to April 2015, we raised $10,800 toward our Roots Creative Kitchen campaign! With the mission: Let’s Add a Gluten Free Collective Kitchen to the Gluten Free Specialty Grocery Store!

We thought we could raise the funds before our lease end in September 2015, but despite presenting the project up and down the coastline to investors, the dream has not yet been funded.

Sadly, our lease expires in September 2015 and Over the past 4 months the sales at Gluten Free Specialty Grocery have declined to 1/3rd of what they were last year and so has our inventory. We’re hanging in there for you, but we’re treading water and need your help and support in the months ahead.


This time, we’ve decided to throw one celebrating 7 years of awesomeness! Whether we keep our doors open or close them, we are planning a celebration for either September or October. Stay tuned for more information. If you’d like to pre-buy your tickets for the party at 1/2 price… you can do so here:


As you know, WE LOVE FOOD, ART & FOOD ART. So in late September we will be selling holiday gift options that you’re going to LOVE!!! Owl Tshirts, postcards and Swag all created by a team of local artists and creatives. Local, local, LOCAL!




1) “It is Your Support that Allows Our Market to Exist”and that has allowed us to exist for 7 YEARS! GRATITUDE

2) If it’s not on the shelf, we can special order the product for you!

3) If we have to close our doors, we will take a pause and then we will continue to try to find ways to serve you.

With your help, we can keep Gluten Free Specialty open and thriving into 2016 and we can launch the Roots Creative Kitchen too! But it is REALLY ALL UP TO YOU; It is completely up to our community to decide together what they want in the years to come.

Let’s do this!

Success on the Roots Kitchen Indiegogo Launch

24 Apr

On Friday, April 24th, Roots Creative Kitchen successfully launched their campaign on Indiegogo for more than $10,000. We are over the moon that the project is now on ‘In Demand Status’.

What does this mean?

We will continue seeking funding & planning the construction build out of the Roots Creative Kitchen Project.

HUGE THANK YOU’S to all of the Amazing Companies and Individuals that have sponsored our project:

You can view them here at:

We can’t wait to make Roots a reality.



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