Thanksgiving Update

22 Nov

In Stock:



Cornbread Mix


Crispy Onion Rings


Cranberry Sauce


Perfect for your green bean casserole!

Perfect for your green bean casserole!

In Stock Bakeries:

Miglets Bakery

New Grains

Mariposa Bakery

Natural Decadence Bakery

Haven on Earth Bakery

Crave Bakery

Our goal is to provide everyone with a tasty treat for the holidays.

If we missed something you might be able to get it ordered for Monday delivery.

Can’t Make it to Gluten Free Specialty?

We will begin our first ever delivery service on Monday 11/25

Dates & Times are posted here:

Fresh Friday 11/22:

New Grains Breads

Mariposa Bakery

Natural Decadence Bakery

Fresh Saturday 11/23:

New Grains Breads

Natural Decadence Bakery

Earth Cafe

Fresh Sunday 11/24:

Haven on Earth Breads

Fresh Monday 11/24:

New Grains Breads

Earth Cafe

Last of the Shelf/Frozen/Fridge Special Orders Arrive (deadline is Saturday, but we might be able to squeeze a couple of items in Sunday morning).

Fresh Tuesday 11/25:

Miglets Bakery

Mariposa Bakery & Breads

Zest Bakery

Natural Decadence Bakery

Earth Cafe

Fresh Wednesday 11/27 (open until 9pm)

New Grains Breads

Natural Decadence Bakery

Earth Cafe 

Many production problems are foreseen this year, so be sure to grab or pre-order what you need. It is worth the time to make sure you get what you want for the holiday!



Note From Melanie W.:

Gluten Free Specialty Grocery is entering its 6th holiday season and as many of you know this year has been our hardest. Almost 50% off all Gluten Free stores that opened after us have closed their doors as of August of this year.

The holiday season from Thanksgiving to Valentines Day will determine the fate of our store as we know it. It will be busy, it will be crowded and it will be short staffed. Give yourself time to shop and try not to be in a rush if you can help it.

We appreciate your continued support and hope that we have implemented the right budgeting strategies, buying, spoilage and theft prevention strategies, so we can continue to serve you in 2014.

It’s amazing that we opened with 60 products and no capitol and that the Sacramento community helped us to grow to where we are at now. I’d like to see us grow to be a decade old at least.

Happy Holidays Everyone!

Stay tuned and Stay Community Supporting this year. Community support means community jobs. (:


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