Gluten Free Companies We Support – Holiday Spotlight

22 Nov

Though we are not a bakery ourselves… we offer the largest selection of dedicated gluten free baked goods in California!


After baking for years for her Mom with Celiac Disease, Katie opened the doors to Miglet’s Bakery in Danville, CA just over 2 years ago. You might know this bakery as a cupcake shop, as we get regular deliveries of mini-cupcakes, but this dedicated gluten-free bakery offers a much greater supply of goodies

Pies – apple, pumpkin or pecan, Cookies, Donuts, Scones, Banana Bread, Pumpkin Bread Mini Cupcakes, pre-made stuffing, quiche, chicken pot pie.

Haven on Earth Bakery:

Haven on Earth Bakery is a Mom & Pop shop in Reno, NV dedicated to providing a plethora of safe and delicious products that the whole family can enjoy! We are more than happy to host this fabulous dedicated gluten free bakery.

Pies (take & bake or fresh) – cherry, apple, pumpkin, peach, pecan, Pie Crust, No Rye Rye Bread, Delicious Coffee Cake, Muffins, Blueberry Bagels, Sugar-Free Vegan Muffins, Dinner Rolls, Large Pumpkin and Banana Bread, Chicken Pot Pie, and more…

New Grains:

Shortly after Tim’s diagnosis of Celiac Disease, he and his family developed a bread and bakery line in Utah called New Grains. You might know New Grains from sampling and enjoying their fresh sourdough bread, but this dedicated CSA certified and GFCO certified bakery offers many other options as well.

Sourdough, dinner rolls (with oats), cookies, pecan squares (a good pie subsititute), sandwich bread, egg-free sandwich bread, croutons w/ parmesan (good for salad or croutons).

Zest Bakery:

Just over 2 years ago, Patrick and his wife Charissa opened this amazing artisan style bakery offering a variety of products from pizza crust, to muffins, to specialty cakes & specialty brownies. Zest Bakery is a dedicated gluten free bakery that is well known by all foodies passing through the San Carlos area. This bakery uses high end ingredients and is thoughtful about corn-free, soy-free, dairy-free and other allergens when a request is made and most ingredients are naturally GMO free.

Pies, Anti-Cupcake dairy cheesecake or pumpkin cheesecake, pizza crusts, brownies, stuffing mix, croutons, ravioli, cookies, flour mix.

In Stock Tuesday:

Mariposa Bakery

Patti Furey Crane began formulating gluten free sweets while pregnant with her first child and from these creations the first dedicated gluten-free bakery in this area of Northern California opened it’s doors.. Begun in Oakland, CA in 2004, Mariposa has been providing us with egg-free vegan bread, baguettes, rolls, penguinos and other non-egg free treats like cinnamon rolls, brownies and lemon squares for several years.

Baguettes, Dinner Rolls, Focaccia Rolls & 4 pack cinnamon rolls, lemon squares and brownies.

In Stock Tuesday or Wednesday:

7 Sister’s Bakery

Jeanine Morgan and her husband Todd, developed a dedicated line of gluten free products which are served at their Italian Restaurant in Citrus Heights. Well known for her Certified Gluten Free Italian Loaf, Lasagna and Thin Mint Cookies, this restaurant provides delicious tasty meals that are prepared with fresh ingredients.

Lasagna (meat or veggie with or without dairy), Chicken Marsala & Potatoes (great as a back up Thanksgiving Meal if your eating in an unsafe kitchen), Italian Loaves, Thin Mint Cookies.

Other Deliveries that have recently arrived:

Mary’s Turkey’s – Limited Supply

$39.99 for 10-14 LB ( a little over $3 a pound)

The heritage turkey is based on the first breed of turkeys that existed in the United States.  They breed naturally, as well as run and fly!  These extra activities result in larger thigh meat, and slightly less breast meat than a typical turkey.  All of these traits result in a superior taste that takes less time to cook than a regular turkey!

Yes Turkey Brine and processing can result in a Turkey with gluten or other allergens added in unnecessarily. For more information on Thanksgiving Tips: check out our previous blog

Applegate Farms is dedicated to providing natural and organic meats and supplies their animals with organic feed that should be GMO free.

Add Chicken Apple or Chicken Sage Sausages to your stuffing or

Grab sliced turkey meat to make sure you are taken care of for the holiday (in case the turkey gets floured, basted in gluten sauce or stuffed with glutenous stuffing). BE PREPARED

Gluten Free Mama

Tom Sawyer

Authentic Foods

Cultured Kitchen

Other Deliveries Expected to Arrive Soon:

CSpecialties Croissants (Frozen are already in stock) and Donut Holes

Livin’ Spoonful

Mama Baretta Multi-seed loaves

If you are trying to pre-order and pre-pay by phone, we will try to get your call, but we are Extremely Busy! Please just stop by our store and grab what you can. Thanks to your support, this November has been our busiest month ever and it looks like we will be able to stay in business into 2013! We have been working very hard to survive and are overjoyed with your support, kindness and patience (as many of you have had to wait in line lately)!





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