Flying Mammal Rescue of California Saves the Day & 4 Bats too

22 Jun

Yesterday, April, Melanie M & I were all perplexed by a community of bats that came to visit. At first they tried to get into the store by crawling under the door (their sneaky creatures and can slither easily and well through small holes and cracks in walls and doors.)

April was fascinated and took many pictures of the amazing creatures.

Melanie M. joined April, but was shaken up by one of the juevenile bats trying to crawl up her leg.

I feared them getting into the store.

Between all of us, with bats crawling and jumping around, we were able to get ahold of Flying Mammal Rescue a non profit that captures and tends to BATS that need care and that can potentially be released out into the wild.

Within a half an hour, Hayley arrived happy to help.  Though we lost one of the bats to J street traffic, a mama bat with baby bat attached to her was able to be rescue.  The rescue was an amazing event to watch. Hayley talked to the bat and comforted it before capturing it in a transport box. I thought that was all we would find, but Hayley was determined to find the others and in time we found 2 more. All in all, 4 bats were saved and the hope is that after being cared for may be able to be released into the wild.


Once again, we are happy to practice business as a green company that is friendly to both the environment and to our community.

If you are a Sacramento local, especially in Midtown, we recommend you keep their phone numbers available in case you face a bat emergency.

Thank you Flying Mammal Rescue for helping us and the bats! It is much appreciated.


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