Valentine’s Day Week Update!

11 Feb

Happy Valentines Day Everyone!
It is AMAZING how much community support we’ve received this year!

Thanks for helping us get off to an amazing start!

It’s been so busy that I had to rush to send out last weeks newsletter and have had to do a Valentine’s Update to keep you informed.

We are celebrating Valentines with samples galore:

We are sampling Kerry’s Sweet Decadence’s Gluten Free Chocolate Chip Cookie Pie from Tuesday to Thursday!

Dairy free? Don’t dispair… we are also sampling mini cupcakes from Miglet’s Cupcakery in Danville too – Monday to Thursday

Valentine’s Treats in Stock:

We have ton’s of chocolates, some chocolate boxes, candies and specialty treats from:

Bless Your Heart Bakery:

Low Sugar Diabetic Friendly Cookie & Candy Boxes
Sugar Free Black Bean Brownies
Sugar Free Oh La Lava Cake

7 Sisters:

chicken marsala
pizza kit
thin mints

Miglet’s Bakery:

Cinnamon Rolls
Chicken Pot Pie (with cut-out heart shapes)

Kerry’s Sweet Decadence:
(only special orders are dairy free)

Chocolate Chip Cookie Pie (decorated)
Red Velvet Chocolate Cake Slice
Clever Carrot Cake Slice
Lucious Lemon Pound Cake Slice

Mariposa Cafe (frozen available – next fresh delivery Tuesday)
Cinnamon Rolls
Lemon Bars

Earth Cafe:
Dairy Free Cheesecake arrives Fresh Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday

Zest Bakery:
will begin deliveries in either March or April (let us know what you want to see)

Valentine’s Day is an opportunity to share your love with your family, friends & loved ones.
Since I was a little girl, Valentine’s Day has always been a special day in my heart. I see it as a day to focus on letting our heart’s shine.  Like many “Hallmark Days”, Valentine’s can be seen as involving chocolates, flowers, balloons, stuffed animals, jewelry and other flashy objects. While these gestures are kind, they often hide the importance of doing things out of love for the people we care about. Other things we can do include:

Adding a kind note to a home-made breakfast

Boxing up a bento box lunch with special goodies or heart shaped carrots

Bake cupcakes, cake, brownies… check out recipe ideas on our pinterest board (

Making Pancakes or Waffles with Fresh Fruit

Lasagna with Sourdough Garlic Toast

Spaghetti with Meatballs or Aduki Beans Balls

Decorate a box or jar with craft items. Write love notes or affirmations on small pieces of paper and fill the jar with them.

Frame a group of photos between you and a loved one or between you and your friends.

You can SAVE $$$$  by buying frozen options and defrosting them for Valentines.

Check our specials board & signs throughout the store for specials this week.

Extra Special Deals include:
discount frozen breads & cupcakes (many 50% OFF) USE COUPON CODE – “SAVE MONEY”
50% OFF Pamela’s Cheesecake
50% OFF Emerald Valley Hummus
Buy 1 Get 1 Free Hodgson Mills Pasta
$4 OFF Julian Multigrain 10grams of protein per slice bread
an additional $2 OFF: Frozen: New Grains Bread, Fridge: Rudi’s Bread or Silver Hills
25% OFF Miglet’s Quiche
FREE mini cupcake from Miglets with any purchase of

Also, save an additional 5% when you check in on Facebook or Yelp (must show cashier redemption code)

Going out on the town for Valentines?

We recommend:
7 Sisters in Citrus Heights ( (lasagna, chicken picatta or chicken marsala or pizza)
Thai Basil in Midtown Sacramento ( (coconut soup, peanut salad, pineapple fried rice & yellow curry chicken or tofu)
Kru Sushi ( on J Street (sashimi platter & ask for fresh gluten free roll invention by Billy (not on the menu) – We love doing this and have never been disappointed)
Melting Pot in Midtown Sacrament ( o – on H Street – GIG certified menu – we recommend the cheese fondue or dairy chocolate fondue (for the not dairy challenged)

Capital Stage Theater ( – on J Street We will be attending the Valentines show “The North Plan” at 8 pm

Like our recommendations?
Join our mailing list and stay updated (

you can also stay updated on facebook’s gluten free sacramento ( or twitter’s gluten free sacramento (

We will also have investment opportunities coming soon! Stay Tuned.

Next Gluten Free Class by Dietitian Meghan O’Hara will be:
February 20th (next week)
Wednesday 6-7pm
Healing Your Gut (great for beginners or advanced gluten free experts)
See you all soon!

Gluten Free Community (Northern, CA)

Celiac Sprue Association Sacramento (http://

Gluten Free for Beginner’s Classes

Sugar Shock Class Coming Soon

Recovering From Being Glutened Class Coming Soon

Northern California Gluten Free Event Calendar (
Meet Dietician Meghan O’Hara
Classes Coming Soon:

Sugar Shock – March
Recovering From Being Glutened
– Feb 20th – Wednesday 6-7pm
Gluten Free For Beginners – March

Can’t wait? Book an appointment with Dietitian Meghan Directly.

Your Love & Support Makes All of This Possible!


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