Eating Gluten Free at Events

9 Feb

As the owner & grocery buyer for Gluten Free Specialty Grocery Market in Midtown Sacramento, CA and I have a severe allergy and auto-immune response to gluten at microscopic levels. For this reason, I have had to learn how to eat safely outside of my comfort zone.

Over the past 5 years I have been attending events sponsoring gluten free products and My job is to find the safest and most delicious gluten free products on the market to increase our store’s offerings.

As many of my friends will be attending their first large scale gluten free event in San Francisco tomorrow, I am sending information your way that I think is helpful in making safe and informed sampling choices.

Gluten Free Events require diligence if you have Celiac Disease, a Gluten Allergy or Gluten Intolerance.

1) First, read the ingredients (even if the product is being demo’d as gluten free)

2) Check Package warnings (contains wheat, gluten, barley, oats, ect…)

3) Make sure all oats are tested gluten free.

4) Ask (a) Is the product produced in a dedicated facility, (b) are your ingredients gluten free tested and (c) your end product gluten free tested
2 out of 3 should be safe for Celiacs (via the GF FIT safety model designed by me)

Request information on how sample products were prepared and / or warmed.


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