Gluten Free Specialty News and Updates

15 Sep

Gluten Free Specialty Grocery Market

2612 J Street, Midtown Sacramento 95816
Open 7 days a week

Monday through Saturday:              10am to 7pm

Sunday:                                             10am to 6pm

A huge Thank You for your support.  We have seen a number of new faces over the past few month and faces we’ve known a long time and each one of you is appreciated and important to our success as an allergen friendly grocery market.  
There are many events coming up in the near future, so stay tuned and keep in touch.  Classes, Sacramento’s First GIG Certified Gluten Free in Midtown Sacramento, Sampling Events, Cooking Classes, Burger Battle (this next Tuesday) and Vegan Fall Fest & Picnic celebrations…. Let us know if we’re missing anything. (scan below for more information)

Interview with Researcher Alessio Fasano:

We’ve been talking a lot this week about a great interview that was done late last year with one of the Gastro-Neurologist Dr. Alessio Fasano.
Interesting arguements brought up in this article include:
(1) Our digestive systems do not have the enzyme to break down the protein in gluten.
(2) The main difference between Celiac and Gluten Sensitivity is that with Celiac the immune system attacks the cilia in the gut, while in Gluten Sensitivity the immune system attacks other parts of the body.
(3) There are 4 types of gluten allergy, 3 types of gluten sensitivity and Celiac Disease.

Does this mean that gluten is similar to sugar and that we should all be limiting the amount of gluten in our diet?  Possibly. We will have to look to future research to address this question. 

Correlation between Crohn’s Disease and Celiac Disease:

The Sacramento Burger Battle at Raley Field next weekend supports the Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation of America.

Did you know that there is a significant correlation between Chron’s Disease and Celiac?  Individual’s with Chron’s Disease should be  tested for Celiac Disease before starting a gluten free diet (tests must include both IgA and AntiEndomysial antibodies; 2 different tests and both must be done for testing accuracy)
If you are not eating gluten, the tests will not be accurate.  If you have stopped eating gluten, a gluten challenge may be performed for test accuracy (this requires consumption of a gluten containing slice of bread and a cookie everyday for 6 months… yes 6 months – shorter time periods mean inaccurate test results!)

We will be providing gluten free buns at the event from Canyon Bakehouse (Colorado) and potentially Mariposa Bakery (Oakland).  Additionally, we will be providing gluten-free awareness and support and information about our grocery market and its plethora of resources.

Gluten Free Sacramento:
Have you heard about our campaign Gluten Free Sacramento You can join our updates on Facebook or Twitter or just double check our newsletter.

Gluten Free Sacramento is a project attempting to make Sacramento, CA the most gluten free friendly city in California.  Current projects include:
(1) Working with Local Restaurants (including the Melting Pot)
(2) Sponsoring Local Events (including the Sac Burger Battle)
(3) Creating a Gluten Free Map of Sacramento (almost in press) Check Out the Growing List
(4) Creating a COOP Commercial Gluten Free Kitchen for small businesses and for hosting classes

Donations and Information on Advertising Opportunities will be announced soon. 

and on to our Market’s News for the Week:


 Naked Coffee – Roasted Locally within blocks from our market

Taste the fresh and local difference:

Bless Your Heart Bakery (sugar-free)


Mariposa Baguettes & Cinnamon Rolls


Miglet’s Cupcakes, Donuts and Tarts




Canyon Bakehouse


Udi’s Muffins & Breads

and more…



Sourdough Bread – arrives Thursday (tentative) – pre-order for $8.99

Brown Honey Bread – arrives Thursday (tentative) – pre-order for $7.99

Organic and Local Farm Box Thursdays

with General Produce $25-30 a box and LOTS OF FRESH FRUITS AND VEGGIES!!!


Ask us more information and soon… order weekly online

Toaster Pastries… finally!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Kerry’s Bakery (special orders available) – arrives Wednesday 9/19/12 

pre-orders must be complete by Sunday

and much more….

Visit us and see all we have to offer… the more you visit the faster we grow!

September / October Events:

Sacramento Support Meeting, Sunday, September 16, 1:30 – 4:00 pm ROOM CHANGE
Entrepreneur Joan Wade, will discuss Celiacs and GMOs. 

September 18th -6-10pm

Sacramento Burger Battle Raley Field – the Gluten Free Specialty Market will be donating buns for the event and will be offering information about gluten free and dining out. Participating restaurants and food vendors will receive a free ticket to our newly introduced Gluten Free Labeling and Cross Contamination Class (first class will begin in October). Go to: for more information (proceeds go to the  Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation of America charity
We are attempting to get more information about the safety of burger preparation at the event and will provide everyone with updated information closer to the event. 

September 19th – 6-7pm at the Gluten Free Specialty Market

Healing the Gut – Class  with Dietitian Meghan

Placerville Support Meeting, Sunday, September 23, 2:00 – 4:00 pm
Speaker Dan Wills of Grandpa’s Compounding Pharmacy, Placerville, will discuss how individual compounding of prescription drugs can help patients who have special needs based on food allergies and auto-immune issues, including Celiac.

September 23rd (Sunday)

Ancient Future / 24 K Cafe
24th & K Street
Presentation by Dr. Don Forrester, MD 
Preventing & Stopping Cancer in its Tracks

Enjoy lecture with afternoon tea at the newest Tea Shop in Town
Gluten Free Cookies by Tates are available for purchase with tea (ask restaurant for more information)

October 6th (Saturday)

Gluten Free Northern California Sampling
The first weekend celebration and sampling of tasty bakery and deli-style treats made in (you guessed it) local businesses from Northern California 
Sample corn puppies, meat balls from Second Helping
Sample cupcakes and other delicacies with Miglet’s Bakery
(dates and times are subject to change so stay tuned)

October 7th (Sunday)

Vegan Fall Fest & Picnic 11am to 4pm
Southside Park 6th & T Street
The first weekend of October, come out and celebrate the first annual Sac Vegan Challenge 
Fall Fest and Picnic 
and yes Gluten Free Specialty will be participating so you can expect some gluten free goodness (:

Vegan Poetry Slam, Music, Hot Hula, Food, Crafts, Vendors, Demos, Games & Activities

October 17th and 18th

Gluten Free Celebration at the Melting Pot on H Street
Celebrating the First Gluten Intolerance Group Certified Menu in Downtown Sacramento
October 17th (Wednesday) Happy Hour
October 18th (Thursday) Dinner
Information on how to sign up for the event will be coming soon.


Monday through Saturday:              10am to 7pm

Sunday:                                             10am to 6pm
Open 7 Days a Week

Our store is growing and changing everyday.  Be sure to stay connected and let us know what we can do to better serve your needs. 

The best way to stay connected is to visit and to join us online:





Pinterest (recipes and more)



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